Who Gets Trigger Points?

Trigger points (TrP, myofascial pain syndrome, myofascitis) are not confined to any particular age or sex. Anyone can get TrP(s) that cause pain, from the infant to the elderly.

It is also not simply a human ailment. This is a universal problem that effects man and beast, probably all mammals, great and small and all ages.

It is believed that myofascial pain syndrome (TrP) develops due to any injury or overload stress to a muscle. It can occur due to nerve irritation or nerve compression, such as from a bulging disc or stenosis.

Muscles that are in a hypertonic state, or spastic, are also easy targets for the development of myofascial pain syndromes.

Nutritional deficiencies can play an important role in their creation and are a contributing factors. 

As I have witnessed in my practice, hormonal changes and food hypersensitivities can be implicated as well.

Are You Getting The Care You Need

I have worked in numerous chiropractic offices and it amazes me how patients, that I see in these offices, are completely unfamiliar with myofascial pain and are shocked with results they get with even a couple of treatment sessions. Many have been suffering for years with chronic pain, and have been visiting numerous chiropractic and medical physicians searching for lasting relief.

Even with a few treatment visits, many of these patients tell me this is the best they have felt for some time.

Once, I kid you not, I had a chiropractor call me and say, "I know trigger point therapy works; but, I don't do TrP therapy and my patients that you have treated are asking me to do it. So I will need you to quit performing myofascial therapy on my patients when you do any work for me."

Imagine! This doctor should have been asking me specifically what I was doing for his patients and learning how to treat his patients with myofascial therapy instead of telling me not to give them the care that they so desperately needed.

Not Just a Lower Back Problem

Although this website is focused on lower back pain, most musculo-skeletal pain is the result of myofascitis or at the minimum has a myofascial pain component to it. For a free trigger point chart click here.

TrP(s) = Chronic Pain

Myofascial pain is not a condition confined to any age, sex or race. It does not discriminate. Whether 1 year old or 101 years young, male or female, red, yellow, black or white, you are most likely a victim of myofascial pain syndrome. This is especially true if you have been through the gamut of tests and they found nothing and  you are not responding to your current care. If you have chronic lower back pain most likely you have myofascial pain syndrome that is causing it.

Even if you are not consciously aware of any pain there is still a good chance that you are harboring inactive or latent trigger points. Sooner or later these latent points will become active trigger points and manifest pain.

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