Treatments Not Helping
Back Pain

Chiropractic, medical and physical therapy treatments not helping back pain. What should you do now?

You have seen a doctor or two, had x-rays, perhaps an MRI, lab tests, several treatment procedures or methods including: chiropractic adjustments, prescription and non-prescription drugs, physical therapy of all sorts and massages all with little or no results.

You have been through the gamut of doctors, tests and treatments and still no help.

There are a few possibilities to consider:

  1. Misdiagnosis.
  2. Wrong treatments.
  3. Permanent damage.

I have seen numerous patients over the years that describe the same problem and frustration. They have been to several doctors, are taking pain-killers, anti-inflammatory medicine and muscle relaxers. They have tried chiropractic, massage therapy and perhaps even acuouncture. Yet... their pain persists.

Oftentimes, many of them come to me as a last resort. Eventhough I am just another chiropractor, they come more often than not because a relative, friend or co-worker has recommended me.

I perform the usual consultation, examination and needed tests. No doctor should trust and/or rely on the previous doctors' procedures.

What I usually find when a patient has failed to respond to prior care is myofascial pain syndrome (trigger points).

Trigger Points-The Hidden Cause

Trigger points are often the hidden culprit. Sadly, examining for trigger points is not included in every doctors examination of  patients with pain let alone lower back pain.

Unfortunately it almost never is. Why? I really don't know why.

Ignorance, incompetence, prejudice... your guess is as good as mine.

It should be the first thing they look for and rule-out. It is the number one cause of lower back pain or most any musculo-skeletal pain for that matter.

Examination for trigger points is simple and treatment is as well. Although treatment does take time.

Maybe that's the problem. Treatment is too simple and too time consuming that there isn't enough reimbursement for them to spend their time on treating it.

Take Control Of Your Health

Ask your doctor to examine for trigger points. If he refuses, doesn't know how or performs an inadequate exam... find another doctor. Don't waste your time and money hoping he gives you the right “miracle” pill or performs some “miraculous” adjustment.

Do your due diligence. Search and find a doctor that understands trigger points, is competent examining for them and knows how to treat them.

You deserve no less.

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