Looking For Shoes With
Arch Support?

Wouldn't it be great if you could go to the shoe store and buy shoes with arch support already manufactured as part of the shoe. Just think, if you could, there would be no need to purchase separate arch supports.

Well, you just can't go to your favorite shoe store and walk out with any shoes with arch support. Why not?

Because no factory manufactured shoe is built with an arch support as part of it that can meet your unique individual arch support needs.

Don't let any shoe salesman tell you that their shoes come with arch supports in them and they are all you need.

Shoe Salesman

Your Feet Are Unique

Let me give you three reasons why you can't buy shoes with arch supports in them from your shoe store. They are:

  1. All shoes are made with a flat top sole surface. Then flat insoles are either placed inside or lightly glued in. If you don't believe me just take out the insole and look at the top of the shoe bottom... it is flat. Now place the insole on the floor or table top and put a heavy book on top of it. What happens? That's right... it flattens out evenly with no evidence of much, if any, elevation at the arch any higher than the rest of the insole. Don't waste your time looking for shoes with arch support that you can purchase from a retail store. You will not find anything that will even come close.
  2. No two people's arches are the same; nor are the arches of each individual's feet the same. Your feet are as unique as your fingerprints. Did you know your foot actually has 3 arches. These arches together make up what is known as the plantar vault. No shoe and no arch support, other than Stabilizing Orthotics by Foot Levelers, offers support for all three arches. Without this support to the plantar vault, your feet will never be balanced and allowed to function normally. The outcome is chronic joint stress and eventual degeneration of your feet, knees, hips and lower back joints.
  3. Another thing that makes it impossible is that our feet all have different shapes, sizes, arch height, degrees of pronation, alignment and function. There are high arches, low arches, completely flat arches and normal arches. There is excessive pronation, excessive supination and all degrees in between. There are feet that turn in and others that turn out. There are some feet that are rigid and some feet that are too flexible.

So now you can see why shoes with arch supports already built in them from the factory would never be able to serve everyone's uniquely different foot shapes, sizes, alignments, flexibilities and supportive needs.

Now the really good news.

The Perfect Shoe Choice

You can now get an arch support sandal, or flip flop, known as the CAOS. The CAOS is a great looking flip flop sandal. Unlike all other flip flops it comes with custom made arch supports as part of the flip flop.

These companies have teamed with Foot Levelers to offer you a great selection of shoes with arch supports already in them. Whether you are looking for dress shoes, comfort shoes, sandals, flip flops or athletic and walking shoes you get brand name quality shoes with the added benefits of Stabilizing Orthotics.

What makes these shoes the perfect choice?

They come with:

  • A great selection of various shoe styles... so you always look great.
  • Custom made orthotics built just for your feet already in them... your individual unique feet get the support they need and you don't have to find shoes that will accept your arch supports.
  • Stabilizing Othotics that support all three of your arches... true balance, support and optimal function.
  • Pronation correction if needed... reduces joint stress to your feet, knees, hips and lower back. Again you can’t find this in any other orthotic or shoe.
  • Arch supports made with superior quality materials... giving you longer wear and less frequent need to replace.

Best of all, they help alleviate the pain and stress associated with arthritis, put you into proper alignment and at the same time help to reduce fatigue... all while helping your feet feel great.

How Can You Get Your Own Shoes With

Arch Supports?

It's very simple. All you do is follow these 5 steps:

  1. Go to the catalog and order the arch support shoes you want.
  2. You will receive a casting kit with easy instructions for taking impressions of your feet.
  3. Return the kit for custom making of your arch supports.
  4. You will receive your shoes in 2-4 weeks ready to wear.
  5. Follow the break-in period recommended and enjoy the benefit of the best shoes with arch supports by Foot Levelers.

One final note. If you already have good shoes and just need to purchase arch supports to go in them don't settle for generic or off-the-shelf arch supports. Theses are not much better than no arch support at all. These types of common arch supports offer limited support and benefits, only support one arch, are manufactured with inferior materials and are not truly custom-made for you.

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