Good Shoes For Back Pain
What To Look For

There are good shoes for back pain. With so many shoe choices... what should you be looking for?

We too often choose shoes based on looks or style. We ask ourselves, "Will these shoes go with this outfit?"  "Will they get noticed and will I get a complement?" 

We seldom think or worry about whether they will be good for our feet, knees, hips or lower back. We rarely consider how they may cause harm or aggravate an existing lower back problem.

Style and Support

When choosing shoes you need to consider whether they will have any negative impact. Or... will they actually be beneficial to your back?

Today with so many choices it is possible to own shoes that are stylish and at the same time supportive. You no longer have to sacrifice one for the other.

5 Features To Look For

Athletic Shoes

When deciding on shoes for back pain consider these 5 important features:

  1. Support.
  2. Balance. 
  3. Flexibility. 
  4. Stability. 
  5. Shock absorption.

When Is An Imperfect Shoe Okay?

An imperfect shoe may be okay if it is only worn very infrequently and not for walking or standing.

In other words, if the shoe is lacking in one or more features, but you are only going to a movie or to some other event that doesn't require you to be on your feet much of the time, then the shoe is probably of little importance.  Most likely you would not suffer any significant negative consequences wearing the shoes.

If you're walking around the pool or to the beach from your vacation condo it doesn't matter what shoe you have on.

If you are merely walking from your house to your car and then from your car to a movie or restaurant, and you will only be on your feet for that short period of time it probably doesn't matter if you're in heels, sandals, flip-flops or bedroom slippers.

If your job requires that you sit all day then wear what you want.

Unless, you already have pain, degenerative problems, are overweight, have joint instability or weakness, and poor balance or coordination then it always matters what you wear on your feet for any length of time.

Why? Because...  a body that is already suffering with these problems is even more prone to further insult and injury. Even the slightest wrong twist, turn, abnormal pressure or stress can literally be the straw that breaks the camels back.

Your Best Choice

For the most part, I believe the athletic shoe, cross trainer and walking shoe, are your best shoes for back pain. Today all of the athletic shoe companies are striving to come up with the best athletic shoe.

Why do I think athletic shoes are good choices?

  • They give you shock absorption.
  • They have a firm fitting heel and a roomy forefoot.
  • They offer stability and at the same time permit good flexibility and function.
  • They also usually have sufficient depth to allow for inserts in the form of custom-made arch supports.
  • They are usually the most comfortable as well.

Why You Need Arch Supports

You may be asking, "If they are such good shoes for back pain why would I need arch supports?"

That is a good question.

Bare in mind that no shoe, let me repeat “no shoe”, has a true arch support built into it. What they do have is a flat insole that has the false appearance of an arch support.

Our feet are all shaped differently. Therefore, it is impossible to purchase any shoe that would have an arch support that would fit all shapes and sizes.

Okay, I know. You can't wear athletic shoes to work or they just don't look good with a suit outfit. Well, many people are now wearing athletic shoes to and from work. When they arrive at work they slip into more appropriate footwear. Or, they are able to find shoes that have many of the features and benefits of an athletic shoe but still have a dressier appearance.

A great compromise is to purchase orthotics or arch supports that are made to fit into dress shoes that have much the same positive benefits of an athletic shoe.

Invest In Your Health Wisely

Remember, even a great shoe will not have an arch support. So, it is a wise idea to have custom-made orthotics that you can insert into the shoes (after you remove the factory inserts) that will make a good shoe a great shoe.

Don't spend thousands of dollars on chiropractic care, massages and anti-inflammation drugs for your lower back pain only to end up undermining any positive results of those treatments by wearing damaging footwear.

Spend a few more dollars on custom-made orthotics and enhance your healthcare benefits.

A good pair of shoes for back pain, along with your orthotics, may be the difference between treatment success, or chronic and recurrent lower back pain and dysfunction.

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