Sciatica Home Treatment

Sciatica home treatment can be just what the doctor ordered. But it shouldn't come from a bottle.

Your sciatica is the result of a physical problem or of a mechanical nature. It is not the result of a chemical problem.

You will never fix a mechanical problem with chemical agents nor can you fix a chemical problem with mechanical methods.

Always have any pain, including sciatica pain, evaluated by a healthcare provider before trying any home remedies for sciatica. If and only if there has not been found a severe, life-threatening and debilitating reason for your pain is it safe to do any home sciatica treatment.

When you do, always inform your doctors of your actions so they are aware of what sciatica remedies you are doing. That way they can monitor your progress and assist you by offering suggestions, recommendations and advice.

If your doctor is unable to find any condition causing your pain that warrants drastic measures, such as surgery, then it is probably safe to utilize some home remedies for sciatica.

Be careful, not to do anything that will further your pain and increase your inflammation. Listen to your body. It will tell you.

If you notice any increase in your pain or other symptoms when or after you perform any home remedies... stop. That is your body telling you not to do this.

On the flip side, if you feel better or the same when doing any sciatica home treatment then it is most likely safe to do.

Some safe home sciatica remedies that you may be able to do or should be doing are:

  • Ice -- to reduce pain and inflammation
  • Moderate rest -- to ease sciatic nerve pressure and to allow healing
  • Moderate activity (especially walking) -- to encourage cellular respiration, circulation and joint motion which encourages proper disc function, health and healing
  • Correct or improve structural deficits (short leg, pronation, flat feet, pelvic tilt) that may be contributing factors in causing sciatica (such as heel lifts, proper shoes, arch supports)
  • Posture relief methods -- there may be certain postures that you can assume that will reduce nerve pressure and thereby reduce your pain and other symptoms. Some of these may be resting and sleeping on one side as opposed to the other or sleeping on your back with a pillow(s) under your knees to elevate them. Sleeping on your back will also promote muscle relaxation and reduce spasm.)
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These actions are especially effective if your sciatica is the result of nerve root compression.

Your condition may be that even after the best of care, whether conservative or surgical, you may continue to suffer with chronic sciatica or have bouts of flareups.

Learn what works best for you and employ all of your knowledge and experience, along with your healthcare provider's help. Adopt an attitude that you will utilize a sciatic pain management approach, much the same as a diabetic employs diabetic management, in a professional and personal manner to help you achieve lasting sciatic pain relief.

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