Relieve Joint Pressure
Reduce Shock To Your Lower Back

You need to relieve joint pressure and shock transmission while walking. Since you do not stand and walk on soft earth and sand you need to find easy, effective and simple ways to do this.

The single best thing you can do to reduce the shock transmitted and subjected to your lower back is maintain normal weight. I know this seems to be difficult and sometimes a daunting task; but, if you are serious about your health and reducing lower back pain, you will be more driven to do this.

Body Weight Affects Joint Pressure

It has been measured with each step we take there's 3 to 6 times* the amount of our body weight exerted on our knees and two and half times on her hips. (*Felson, D. She.: Weight and osteoarthritis. J. Rheumatology 1995; 43:7-9 )

The added weight to our lower back joints are increased as well. If you have relatively more upper torso weight, compared to lower body weight, you will experience more lower back joint stress.

This amount of weight is determined by your body weight. Obviously the more you weigh the more times the weight exerted on your joints will be.  A person with normal weight will experience less weight on their lower back joints when walking and standing than one that is overweight.

In other words, if you weight 250-300lbs you may exert 3 times your weight on your lumbar discs. Whereas, if your weight was 180-200 pounds the force may only be 2 times your weight. (These are not accurate measured amounts but are just used for the purpose of explanation.)

In the standing position the force applied to low back with an extra 25 pounds equals 25 pounds but when that person bends forward the forces are increased tenfold to 250 pounds.

With sitting the force on the L5-S1 disc, with just 25 pounds of increased body weight, is equal to an increase of 250 pounds of compression force.

Imagine the huge compression force on your L5-S1 disc if you are 50-75-100 or more pounds overweight.

Maintaining your body weight or getting down to your normal weight is truly the best step to take to relieve joint pressure, not only now, but for years to come.

Footwear Affects Joint Wear

Another way to minimize lower back joint stress as a result of shock is by using proper footwear. Almost all the shock experienced is with heel strike when walking. Is is just a no-brain-er to wear shoes that have heels made of materials that have some shock absorbing qualities. What do you think affords you more shock absorption: a pair of athletic shoes designed for walking or a pair of loafers or sandals? I think the answer is obvious.

Keep the sandals and the dangerous flip-flops for the beach or pool-side. Wear quality athletic shoes for your daily use. And be sure to wear comparable dress or casual shoes for work.

You can purchase great looking sandals and shoes with quality orthotics (arch supports) built into the footwear.

Arch Supports Can Relieve Joint Pressure

The third way to relieve joint stress and reduce shock to minimize their damaging effects, as we just briefly mentioned, is with the use of heel inserts or foot orthotics with shock absorbing properties. There are many, many orthotics from which to choose from.

You deserve the best orthotics with the great shock absorption.

You know the benefits of shocks for your automobile, is not your body more important than your car? Doesn't your back and other joints (knees and hips) deserve the same protection and benefits?

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