Rehab Your Lower Back
Exercise Like Childplay

To rehab your lower back or if you want a better and healthy back you need to exercise like a child plays.

What do I mean by that? Before I explained let's talk about what some of the reasons for low back.

Leg Length Difference

One reason for low back pain is leg length inequality. It is estimated that perhaps as high as 80% of low back pain sufferers have a pelvic tilt and muscle imbalance due to one leg being shorter then its counterpart.

When this inequality occurs it often creates a dropping of the pelvis on the short leg side (pelvic tilt). Spinal curvature (scoliosis) and concomitant muscle & joint imbalances and spinal stresses are created. Then either one of these or more likely a combination of these factors will cause lower back pain. Or they will predispose one to low back injury. If left uncorrected, with or without resultant injury, these imbalances can result in a lifetime of chronic lower back pain, suffering, and disability.

Modern Walking Surfaces are Harmful

Because we stand and walk all day on level surfaces you would think that that would be very helpful, when in fact it is actually very harmful.

It has just been in the last century that mankind has been walking and standing on very hard level surfaces. Prior to this, man had been active on his two feet rarely standing and usually walking on not so level surfaces…surfaces such as uneven ground, roads, sand, mountain trails, etc.

Man's pelvis and spine were constantly changing and adapting to the ground that he was walking or standing on. So the pelvis was never in a constant level position. It didn't matter much if he had a short leg or not. Each leg, relative to the opposite was always functioning as if it was long or short at any given moment. It was never static in length.

This not only kept the pelvis and lumbar spine in flux it never created constant attempts to adapt to the ever-changing imbalances as found when walking and standing on relatively level surfaces. If you lived before the advent of automobiles, level concrete, and constant standing and walking on level surfaces you would have never needed to rehab your lower back.

Spinal Disc Need Motion

In addition the spinal discs need motion to maintain their health and integrity. It is motion that enhances nutrient and water uptake. A disc that undergoes little motion will degenerate over time and create a vast array of problems from bony spurring, facet joint arthritis, ligament degeneration, etc.

So is it any wonder that as more and more people stand and walk on more and more flat, level, and hard surfaces, that more and more people are experiencing lower back pain, and that lower back pain is becoming a worldwide epidemic. The solution is to spend more and more walking on uneven terrain thus encouraging the body and spine to constantly change position and levelness. Make your spine non-static. Make your spine twist, turn, tilt and bend often. Make your spine adapt to differences in terrain levelness, impact, and give. Make it so you won't need to visit medical centers to rehab your lower back.

Who do you think will suffer the least injuries or have the most dynamic spine: a sprinter, football player, basketball player or a cross-country runner? The cross-country runner is forcing his or her body to constantly change and adapt. Muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints are in constant flux and changing with each step, turn and twist on uneven terrain.

Rehab Your Lower Back
Like a Child Plays

So the best way to rehabilitate a low back or keep it healthy in the first place is to exercise like a child plays.

Climb, run, sprint, twist, turn, jump, crawl, roll, and move like a child at play in a playground or playing a game of hide and seek.

Move like a child at play and you will be less prone to injury, have a healthier back and remain more functional during your entire life.


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