Orthotic Casting
Step By Step Instructions

Follow these simple 6-step orthotic casting instructions for taking impressions of your feet. Fill out the enclosed information sheet and return it along with your completed casting kit. In 2-4 weeks your will receive your own custom-made orthotics that will help you along the road to better health.

Step 1: Hold on to chair, wall or desk for support and Balance.

Left foot pronation

Casting feet for orthotic

Step 3: ASSUME NORMAL STANDING POSTURE. Assistant pushes toes down to bottom of foam.

casting feet for arch supports

Step 5: Repeat steps 1-4 for the opposite foot.

foot casting for orthotic

Step 2: Lift leg and have assistant slide casting kit under foot. Make sure you look straight ahead while assistant guides foot into foam. DO NOT LOOK DOWN TO WATCH CASTING. Release hand from chair and allow foot to sink into foam without raising weight off of the opposite foot. DO NOT LOOK DOWN TO WATCH CASTING

taking foot impression for arch supports

Step 4: Assistant lightly pushes on front of knee to fully extend leg. Grab support and lift foot out of casting kit.

postal service for casting kit

Step 6: Complete the information sheet enclosed in your kit, place INSIDE of kit. Place protective collar around the box and put kit into self-addressed mailer. Attach First Class Postage and return kit.

Your kit should arrive in approximately 2-4 weeks from the time we receive your kit.

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