Night Time Back Pain

Why do you have night time back pain or pain that is worse during the evening or night?

There may be several reasons for lower back pain that is worse at night... some serious... most not.

Serious Reasons

The more serious, yet rare, conditions that can cause pain to be more severe or noticeable during the nighttime are:

  • Tumors or cancer 
  • Infection

Less Serious Reasons

Less serious and much more common ailments or reasons for pain being worse during nighttime are:

  • Hormonal changes.
  • Your nervous system is more sensitive to stimulation.
  • Your conscience awareness is greater as you are less involved or active with your daily activities. This will make you more aware of your symptoms when nothing else is on your mind.
  • Trigger points.

It seems that most illnesses and pains are worse at night whether it be from the common cold, arthritis or other ailment.

The first thing that needs to be done with any pain is have your healthcare provider examine and evaluate you to rule-out serious medical conditions that need more urgent medical treatment.

Once serious ailments are ruled-out then you can try a conservative approach to treating your lower back pain.

Understand Pain

Pain is a warning sign that something is wrong or malfunctioning and needs corrected. Don't ignore your alarm system (pain).

Sometimes the body will sound a serious alarm when in fact the condition is not serious at all.

The nerves that convey the message of pain have an all or none response to stimuli. They do not respond in degrees of pain corresponding to the degree of seriousness. The number of nerve fibers stimulated determines the degree of pain. The more fibers stimulated... the more pain is felt.

But, never judge the seriousness of your condition by the degree of pain. A pulled muscle may be very excruciating but  it is not a life threatening condition. Whereas, a tumor may present with mild ache yet can be very life threatening.

Number One Reason

For the most part your body was meant to be in motion and will feel its best when doing so.

Nighttime is a time for rest and recuperation. Night time back pain may be nothing more than your body telling you that you need rest to heal and by expressing more pain at night it is a signal to do just that.

However, the biggest reason for night time back pain is myofascial pain syndrome (trigger points). The pain from trigger points is more noticeable during rest, especially nighttime.

For more information on trigger points click here.

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