Lower Right Back Pain

Lower right back pain, as with all back pain, needs a full evaluation and assessment to determine the true nature of the pain.

5 Common Causes of
Right Side Low Back Pain

Lower right back pain can be due to one or more of the following:

  1. Chronic muscle strain.
  2. Trigger points.
  3. Structural problems (flat feet, over-pronation, short leg, pelvic tilt). 
  4. Spinal related conditions (DDD, facet joint inflammation, pinched spinal nerve).
  5. Referred pain from other organs (kidney, colon, liver).

The complaint of "back pain lower right side" is very common and most often can be attributed to an old or recent muscle injury.

If you are able to rule out the presence of fractures, disease or referred organ pain it is probably safe to assume the back pain on your right side is muscular in its origin.

The most likely cause of right side lower back pain is active trigger points in the back muscles from old strain injuries or postural imbalances due to short leg. That short leg will cause a pelvic tilt to the short side which in-turn creates a lumbar (lower back) curvature toward the short side.

Don't assume that because the leg appears to be short that it truly is. The shortness may in fact be due to muscle imbalances, flat or pronated feet.

What Not To Do

Taking drugs on a daily basis or spending more and more time and money at the chiropractic office or massage therapist will only afford temporary relief. The pain will invariably return in no time.

Pill effort pill, adjustment after adjustment, massage after massage can ease the pain but seldom corrects the cause. This will only lead to frustration, years of chronic pain and depression.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Treating Lower Right Sided Back Pain

Here is what you need to do. You must uncover all structural problems and fix those that can be fixed and utilize the right therapies for that which can't.


short leg

flat feet


worn shoes

myofascial pain

muscle weakness

poor endurance

lack of flexibility

poor posture

spinal joint problems


heel lift



new shoes

trigger point therapy

strengthening exercises

aerobic/endurance exercises


consciously correct it/exercise

see a chiropractor

Those are your active steps. They are relatively easy to identify, fix and prevent.

First and foremost have a full examination by a healthcare provider to rule out any disease or pathology that may be the cause of your right flank pain (lumbago).

If there are no serious pathologies present that need medical attention then take a proactive approach to your pain. Realize that correction and healing take time and that prevention and maintenance will be a lifetime.

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