Lower Back Pain Trigger Points

Trigger points that cause lower back pain must be located and treated properly and thoroughly if you are ever going to achieve a relatively painless lower back.

You can take all the drugs manufactured for pain, inflammation, or muscle relaxation, receive hundreds of chiropractic adjustments, get massages every week, and exercise until you die; however, as long as you have active trigger points in your lower back muscles you will never be pain-free.

Lower back trigger points

The muscles of the lower back that will cause pain and dysfunction if harboring trigger points are:

  1. Quadratus lumborum.
  2. Multifidus.
  3. Psoas.
  4. Gluteus maximus.
  5. Gluteus medius.

There are other muscles, although not causing direct lower back pain, which will also affect the function of the lower back. Therefore, they will have an indirect influence on lower back pain and will need to be treated if trigger points are found to exist in them.

They are:

  1. Gluteus minimus.
  2. Piriformis.
  3. Hamstrings.
  4. Tensor fascia lata.

As already stated, any and all trigger points need to be treated and eliminated as fully as possible to achieve your desired results.

When treating trigger points your pain awareness will be diminished or eliminated long before your trigger points are actually eliminated.

If you assume that because you are no longer aware of pain that you must be better and discontinue your trigger point therapy prematurely your pain will surely return in no time.

You must make sure you have thoroughly and totally treated and eliminated all of your trigger points. An active trigger point in one area can eventually spill over and activate other trigger points in other close areas of the body.

Common Major
Lower Back Pain Trigger Points

The following images will show the most common trigger points responsible for lower back pain. “X” will denote their location and the red area depicts the pain pattern that can be experienced when the specific trigger point is active or stimulated by compression.

quadratus lumborum trigger points
multifidis trigger points
Psoas trigger points
gluteus maximus trigger points
gluteus medius trigger points

Associated Lower Back Trigger Points

The following images show trigger points found in muscle that are usually present with lower back pain. If not eliminated they can prevent resolution of major lower back trigger points and hinder full recovery or pain relief.

gluteus minimus trigger points
piriformis trigger points
hamstrings trigger points
tensor fascia lata trigger point

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