Lower Back Pain In Women

Lower back pain in women most often presents with the same or similar symptoms and causes found in men. However, there are unique circumstances and considerations that are specific to the female gender.

Lower back and pelvic pain in women can be caused by sprains and strains, arthritis, disc herniation, degenerative disc disease, stenosis and facet syndrome.

Also, because of habits and differences in physical make up of females, back pain in women must be evaluated with those differences in mind.

Woman With Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain in women can also originate from:

  • osteoporosis (men can also have osteoporosis)
  • tilted uterus
  • menstruation
  • endometriosis
  • pregnancies
  • wearing high heels
  • fibromyalgia
  • female pelvic diseases

Warning: Anyone with low back pain that is accompanied with a loss of bladder or bowel control, lower limb paralysis or loss of reflexes or abdominal throbbing pain should immediately seek medical care.

Let's briefly discuss each of the above considerations.

  • Osteoporosis is not gender specific but women do experience osteoporosis far greater than men. This is due to hormonal differences and to the fact that men are usually more engaged in activities such as work, play and home hobbies that create force stresses that result in the body developing more dense bones.
  • A tilted uterus can occasionally be encountered with lower back pain. The uterus is normally tilted in a anterior position. In some women the uterus has a posterior tilt and this has been associated with lower back pain in women premenstrual and during menstruation.
  • Back pain with menstruation is a common complaint. The pain is usually of a minor nature because abdominal cramping pain is more severe and dominates the woman's awareness. Back pain during period can vary month-to-month with hormonal fluctuations and at times it is more noticeable depending on which ovary is responsible for the ovulation that month.
  • Pregnancy can be a cause of lower back pain cause or a contributing factor. Lower back pain during pregnancy is a rather common complaint. This usually occurs during the last trimester as this is when the greatest muscular and skeletal stresses are present. Some women will experience what is termed "back labor" when they go into labor.
  • Lower back pain and endometriosis can also occur. Some women have endometrial tissue found outside the uterus that can cause premenstrual and menstrual low back pain. Endometriosis is a common cause for low back pain in women with this condition.
  • Low back pain in women can often be aggravated or caused by the wearing of high heels. This creates a structural imbalance and can cause a jamming effect of the lumbar facet joints causing facet syndrome that will in turn create low back pain.
  • Fibromyalgia is another reason why some women experience low back pain. Women are more prone to fibromyalgia and this is why hormonal imbalances are suspect. Fibromyalgia is a very misunderstood condition. Regardless of whether it is a true ailment or not, there is enough evidence to show that it very well may be separate ailment.

Lower back pain in women can be caused or associated with a greater number of conditions or ailments then is found in the male population. This is why it is always important to understand the history of the lower back pain. A proper examination and necessary testing should always be conducted before attempting to treat or cure low back pain in women.

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