Red Flag Warnings
Lower Back Pain And Fever, Nausea, Loss of Bladder Control

Lower back pain and fever, nausea, night pain and other signs and symptoms may indicate a more serious nature and indicates immediate action.

Close to 99 percent of all low back pain is not a serious nature.

These can be attributed to conditions such as arthritis degenerative disc disease, mechanical low back pain, trigger points and sprains and strains. Even though these conditions can feel quite serious due to their high level of pain they are certainly not life threatening or need immediate medical attention.

In fact, many of the treatment approaches to these non-serious conditions can be themselves life-threatening.

So when should you consider low back pain to be of a serious nature that does need immediate attention?

First of all, lower back pain should be evaluated by a healthcare provider. Never put off or delay low back pain evaluation of unknown origin. This is especially true if you have lower back pain and fever or with any other serious signs or symptoms indicated here.

When any of the following signs or symptoms are present you should see a healthcare provider for a proper evaluation and diagnosis.

Red Flag Warnings

  • Lower back pain and nausea, abdominal pain or other gastrointestinal symptoms.
  • Lower back pain with fever.
  • Lower back pain with the presence of blood in your urine or feces.
  • Lower back pain that is more severe during the night.
  • Anytime you experience loss of bladder or bowel control. This is an emergency and you should immediately go to the emergency room.
  • Numbness in the saddle area (perineum)

Any of these signs and symptoms may indicate the presence of a disease or condition that is of a serious nature. If you ever notice any of the above signs or symptoms you should immediately consult your physician.

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