Lower Back Pain Treatment

More Than Drugs and Surgery

So many choices for lower back pain treatment.

Drive through any town or city and what you will find is at least one hospital nearby that performs back surgeries.

There are drugs stores on every corner offering an array of prescription and non-prescription pain killers, muscle relaxers and anti-inflammation drugs.

Everywhere you look you see chiropractors, medical doctors, massage therapists, acupuncturists and physical therapist all offering lower back pain treatment.

You would think, with so much available for the lower back pain sufferer, that lower back pain would be a rare condition.

Yet, what you find is that, despite all the lower back pain help, lower back pain continues to be the most common ailment next to the common cold.

How can this be?

Why Drugs Are Not The Answer

Effective and lasting treatment for lower back pain is almost never found in prescription drugs or surgery. Although these types of lower back pain treatments may be your only option at times...

...they will rarely afford any permanency

...are laden with high risks

...have serious side effects

...can often leave you with permanent disability

...and they carry a risk of premature death.

Medicines, chiropractic adjustments, various physical therapies and massages, all can be very beneficial in treating chronic lower back pain.

But, there is one problem. These remedies all too often treat the symptom - pain. They rarely treat the cause in an effective manner.

Here is a list of some treatment for lower back pain that are available to you.

When You Need To See Your Doctor

However, when pain is accompanied with neurological symptoms, such as loss of bowel or bladder control, paralysis, loss of reflexes or loss of strength and atrophy then surgery may be your only option.

Lower back pain treatment with home remedies should never be attempted for serious ailments. These are best treated in the hands of a competent healthcare provider.

If you have been diagnosed with a serious medical condition that is causing your lower back pain...

...always follow your doctor's recommendations for care and treatment.

This will assure you of a better course of treatment and grossly increase your chances of a full recovery.

Is This You?

All too often, when lower back pain is the only presenting complaint and all serious causes have been ruled out, you end up with prescription and non-prescription drugs from your medical doctor.

Or, if you are under the care of a chiropractor, you are scheduled for lengthy treatments that often afford no real recovery.

What often happens is that you end up going from doctor to doctor, taking one pill after another pill, receiving chiropractic adjustment after adjustment, all the while desperately searching for some kind of lasting significant lower back pain relief.

Month after month, year after year, you never really achieve the lower back pain remedy you are looking for and all too often end up with a less than optimal quality of life, complications from years of swallowing drugs, and maybe even becoming addicted to those same drugs.

Years of trying one remedy after another, the latest drug on the market, the new doctor in town or the "expert" in another town, this chiropractor after that one, yet...

...the pain continues.

Finally...you accept it as a way of life.

If this is you...

There Is Help

With some simple corrective steps, the right exercises and some highly effective self-help lower back remedies, you can often do more for yourself in achieving lasting lower back pain help than with any other form of treatment.

  • Learn how to tell if you have foot over pronation and how orthotics can help to balance your low back.
  • Discover if you have a short leg that may be creating undue stress on your low back muscles and joints.
  • Learn how to locate low back pain producing trigger points and how you can treat yourself.
  • Discover how to save thousands of dollars in medical, chiropractic and massage bills.
  • Find out what low back stretches and core strengthening exercises target your lower back pain so you won't waste your time on other exercises that are useless.
  • Learn what exercise may be making your lower back pain worse.

Now you can learn the best and most effective lower back pain treatment and save yourself time, money, harm and...maybe even your life.

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