Low Back Pain Treatment 

Choosing a Healthcare Provider

When it comes to low back pain treatment, choosing the right course of action can often be a frustrating and challenging experience.

Do you choose a medical doctor, chiropractor, acupuncturist or perhaps a massage therapist for your low back pain treatment?

Your primary care physician, most likely a medical doctor, will tend to treat you with medication or perhaps refer you to a physical therapists.

If you fail to respond , he or she may order more specialized testing, such as x-rays, MRI or CT scans, blood tests, etc. and perhaps prescribe even more powerful drugs (narcotics).

Months have now passed and you are not getting much better or perhaps even worsening. Now a referral to specialists, such as a neurosurgeon or an orthopedic surgeon, will be made. It's more tests, perhaps different drugs and maybe even a surgical option.

These choices are not what you want.

Perhaps you consider going to a chiropractor next. The chiropractor does her usual history and physical examination and probably more x-rays. She shows you and explains the x-rays findings and recommends a course of treatment.

The chiropractic low back pain treatment usually consists of spinal adjustments, maybe some therapy and hopefully a few exercises. You agree to accept the chiropractor's treatment and you do feel better.

But, the pain just doesn't seem to go away totally. It returns too frequently and you find yourself returning to the chiropractic office too often as well.

After months of too many visits, you are frustrated and decide to return to your medical doctor and end up accepting a life of prescription drugs.

Now you are addicted to drugs as well.

You still have some hope of finding lasting relief. So, what do you do? You bounce around to different doctors while continuing to take your medications.

Now you're also receiving a few massages, contemplating going to an acupuncturist maybe even trying grandmas home remedy...

 ...all with no lasting relief.

You're still suffering with chronic recurrent pain, your addicted to the drugs, you continue to visit the chiropractor hoping that the next adjustment will really make a difference. Of course...

 ...it doesn't.

Totally frustrated and, on top of all of that, your work life, home life, social life, sex life and life in general are suffering. Now you may also be dealing with depression.

Not what you hope for, is it?

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