How To Treat Back Spasms Naturally

Lower Back Spasms

Learn how to treat back spasms naturally and effectively and in doing so you can avoid the use of dangerous and unnecessary drugs.

Over the years many procedures, pills, lotions, mechanical and electrical machines have been tried and applied attempting to effectively treat back spasms.

They all have their proponents... and critics.

One problem physicians and scientists have is that too often they try to find the solution that works for everyone. That is usually not possible.

Because man can suffer with many conditions that can cause muscle spasms... a one solution that fits all will not apply.

For example, if you have spasm due to a muscle strain it is unlikely that simply taking an herb will arrest the spasm. Or if you have spasms due to nutrient deficiency or imbalance, as can happen with calcium or magnesium, using heat or ice will not solve the problem.

Truth is... using heat or ice along with supplying calcium, magnesium or herbs for either problem may have positive supportive properties in both conditions.

5 Common Causes Of Low Back Spasms

How to treat back spasms requires different methods for different causes. So let's outline some possible solutions for muscle spasms caused by these more common conditions:

  • Nutrient deficiency or imbalances

Muscle Strain

A muscle strain is a muscle tear. Strains are the most common cause of lower back spasms. This tearing causes bleeding, swelling, inflammation and pain. Your best approach here would be the application of ice packs.

The 4 Ways Ice Helps Lower Back Pain

 The ice will do several things. It will primarily reduce:

  1. Pain.
  2. Inflammation.
  3. Swelling.
  4. Spasm.

Ice has a direct affect on spasm by reducing the hypersensitivity of the nerves. By reducing the sensitivity you reduce the amount of pain nerve endings and muscle nerve fibers firing their impulses and thus you reduce pain and spasm.

There is also an indirect affect. Since bleeding and injured tissue releases chemicals that initiate inflammation, which is needed for proper repair and healing, the cold temperature of ice will reduce or minimize bleeding and control inflammation.

Less bleeding equals less inflammation equals less pain all of which will equal less spasm.

Massage can often be very effective for the relief of muscle spasms, hypertonicity and stiffness.

Trigger Points

Trigger points will cause a chronic type of spasm (hypertonicity) that is less painful but still produces muscle tightness, stiffness and tenderness. Ice is an effective treatment for trigger point pain  especially if they are quite active. But... heat seems to be the treatment of choice for trigger point hypertonicity after the trigger points have become less active and painful.

Following pressure treatment (compression) to trigger points, ice is effective for pain control which will minimize reactive spasm.

Massage and stretching are very effective for relief of muscle spasm due to trigger points. But it will be short-lived unless the trigger points are eliminated to the greatest extent possible.

Nutrient Deficiencies or Imbalances

Calcium, magnesium, or other nutrient imbalances or deficiencies are a very common cause of lower back spasm and hypertonicity. Potassium is often cited as another cause but compared to calcium and magnesium it is less so.

How to treat back spasms from this type of spasm should be directed at immediate relief as it can be quite painful. At the same type you should correct the nutrient imbalance in order to treat this spasm in the long term and prevent recurrences.

Immediate treatment may be massage, ice and stretching.

Spasms From Nerve Pressure or Piriformis Syndrome

This type of spasm is from direct nerve pressure. Any treatment directed at immediate relief will be very limited and short term. Ice will be the primary treatment. However...

With piriformis syndrome your efforts should be directed at relieving the pressure as soon as possible and then taking the necessary steps to correct the cause of the piriformis syndrome and prevent recurrences.

Spasm from nerve pressure or inflammation will most likely not respond to stretching or massage. In fact these methods may actually be irritants and result in more pain and spasm.

Food Allergies Can Cause Back Spasms

I have witnessed and treated a few patients (including my son) that would develop severe cramping or spasm in the lower back following the ingestion of foods that they are allergic to and consumed unsuspectingly.

Although not a common cause of spasm it is one that needs to be considered when there is no obvious cause.

The best way to treat this spasm is with trigger point or pressure point therapy. Of course you need to abstain from those foods you are allergic to in order to prevent occurrences.

Drug Reactions or Side-Effects

Many drugs can cause muscle disease, hypertonicity, nutrient imbalances or interfere with normal biochemical processes that affect muscle function and health.

If you so choose or need to take medicines expect side-effects.

Learn the side-effects of your medicines so that you can recognize them and not think they are due to some other ailment and risk unnecessary testing, treatment, worry and cost.

There may be an alternative medicine without the muscle spasm side-effects or even nutrient agents, acupuncture or chiropractic care that can be utilized.

Other Causes Of Lower Back Spasms

There are other conditions that may cause lower back spasms. How to treat back spasms from these conditions will require medical care.

  • Kidney stones.
  • Infections of urinary tract or colon.
  • Thyroid or parathyroid diseases.
  • Nervous system diseases.

Discovering how to treat back spasms of unknown origin must be taken seriously. A full evaluation by a healthcare provider of your choice needs to be performed so that appropriate treatment can be rendered, whether by natural or pharmaceutical means.

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