What Should You Look For In A Good Arch Support?

Choosing good arch supports doesn't have to be confusing... if you understand what features and benefits you should be looking for.

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So what feature and benefits are important of a good arch support?

Let's see if we can make it more simple for you.

Here are seven (7) things you need to consider and decide if they are important features and benefits for you:

  1. Do you want custom-made orthotics or are you okay with settling for off-the -shelf arch supports. Custom made orthotics are made uniquely for your feet. Whereas, with off-the-shelf arch supports you are forced to accept the support that they offer regardless if it is exactly what you need. It's almost like forcing a square peg into a round hole. It may fit but is it beneficial.
  2. Do the arch support correct for over- pronation. How much correction do they have? Is it too much or perhaps not enough?
  3. Do they support all three (3) arches of the foot. Most arch supports only give support on the medial arch. Neglect one or more arches and you create more imbalance and perhaps more problems.
  4. Are they rigid, semi-rigid or flexible. Too much rigidity and your foot fails to function as nature intended. Too little and your foot will continue to collapse too much or they will continue to over-pronate.
  5. Is there added shock absorption in the heel to help minimize forces to the knees, hips and lower back. They may feel good but are they helping you to reduce the damaging stresses to your other joints. Good arch supports have added shoch absorption materials.
  6. What are the materials made off? Inexpensive orthotics usually equals poor quality materials. This will only require more frequent replacing when the materials breakdown or wear-out prematurely.
  7. What is the guarantee? This ties in with number six. A great guarantee is usually associated with quality materials and superior workmanship. If it says 30 or 90 day guarantee then they will probably wear-out in 30 to 90 days.

Shop and compare. Don't settle for poor quality arch supports that lack important features that will give you superior benefits. Most often you get what you pay for. I read somewhere that only rich people can afford to buy cheap stuff. Why is that? Because they can afford the cost of frequent replacements.

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