Can Foot Pronation
Cause Back Pain?

Foot pronation is a tilting inward of the ankle. Slight pronation is a normal and necessary action of the foot during walking and running.

It becomes a problem when it is excessive.

Also, one foot may pronate more than the other. This will create imbalance in structure and function.

  Here is what happens with over-pronation:

  1. One or both feet will roll excessively inward (over-pronation).
  2. When both feet pronate excessively the knees and hips will internally rotated, the pelvis will tilt forward. Or if pronation is worse on one side it will tilt down on that side as well as tilting forward.
  3. This will create an abnormal effect on the lower back joints, discs, muscle,s and ligaments.
  4. Eventually your will experience pain and dysfunction in your lower back.
  5. Over time there will be joint and disc degeneration which will be permanent.
Effects of over-pronation of foot


If you have excessive pronation of one or both feet you will need and benefit from custom-fitted and custom-made orthotics (arch supports).

In over thirty-three years of clinical practice I believe the best orthotics are flexible or semi-rigid.

Rigid orthotics will only create more damage to joints because the shock of walking will be transmitted to the knees, hips, sacroiliac and lumbar joints. They also prevent the feet from functioning as nature intended.

Make sure you don't settle for generic, off-the-shelf type of arch supports. Your feet are as different as your finger prints, so isn't it wise to be fitted for orthotics that are designed to support and meet your individual needs?

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