Stylish Flip Flops
With Arch Supports

Women's arch support flip flops
Men's Arch Support Flip Flops

Just try to take away someone's flip flops and you are putting your life in danger.

It doesn't matter... bad they are for your feet and body.


...that they pose a high risk for ankle sprains and injuries related to falls.


...that they help create or contribute to over-pronation and poor foot foundation.

Don't tell anyone that loves wearing flip flops that they should give them up.

It just ain't gonna happen.

Well, guess what? It doesn't have to happen.

Flip Flops With Style And Support

Now you don't need to give up wearing flip flops. You can now wear flip flops with arch support and protect your feet and body at the same time.

That's right...

Stylish flip flops with arch support that:

  • Help align and balance your body.
  • Reduce joint stress and, wear and tear that cause arthritis.
  • Reduce fatigue.
  • Look and feel great.

The Problem With All Other Flip Flops

The problem with all other flip flops and sandals is that they do not come with proper arch support, shock absorption and stabilization.

They are made cheaply, have little or no support, lack shock absorption and create an unstable foundation. No wonder they are dangerous and damaging to your body.

No longer do you have to settle for inferior, dangerous and ugly flip flops that hurt your feet, knees and lower back. No longer are you forced to wear flip flops or sandals that make you leg and feet ache at the end of the day.


Okay. Okay. No need to yell. I'll tell ya.

The Best Flip Flops Out There

They are Sandalthotics by Foot Levelers.

They come in various styles that meet everyone's tastes.


  • Look great.
  • Reduce joint stress.
  • Help keep your body aligned.
  • Feel great on your feet.

On top of all of that you will look great wearing them.

They come with a custom-made orthotic that was designed by a doctor and manufactured for your feet only.

You are uniquely you and so are your precious feet. That's why you should never stress you body by wearing just any old flip flop.

Take care of your feet by wearing the best flip flops with arch supports and they will take care of you in return.

Sandalthotics by Foot Levelers...

...for you, your feet and your health.

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Women's Arch Support Flip Flops
Mens Arch Support Flip Flops

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