Finally, A No-Nonsense Approach To End Chronic Back Pain, Sciatica and Piriformis Syndrome

How To Start Living
The Pain-Free Life You Deserve

Active lifestyle requires a healthy body structure

Chiropractors, massage therapists, pain centers, medical doctors, and drug stores are found in abundance in every city throughout the world. Many of them are packed with people desperately seeking relief from their agonizing lower back pain.

Yet, lower back pain is more common than ever.

Something just isn't right.

Stop going from one doctor to the next, swallowing this drug or the next newest one, or purchasing one promised cure after another.

Stop wasting all of your precious time and hard-earned money on back treatment that never corrects the real cause of lower back pain.

Stop wishing and hoping that the next "miracle" promise you try will truly end your pain and suffering.

Stop the insanity.

Pain is not a lifestyle

Let The Cure Begin

Start today curing your lower back pain by first realizing there is no simple, quick "15 minute solution", no simple exercise or set of exercises, no magic pill, no potion, no vitamin, or no herb that somehow will miraculously cure your lower back pain.

Start today curing your lower back pain by learning how to be your own best therapist.

Start today curing your lower back pain by discovering that "every" lower back pain sufferer is different and often needs an individual treatment approach… not some cookie-cutter procedure.

Start today curing your lower back pain by starting a no-nonsense plan for finally fixing the root cause of "your" pain.

Start today curing your lower back pain with proven, safe, and sensible action steps… now.

Take the First Step to a
Lower Back Pain Cure.

Why Should You
Listen To What I Say

Okay, why should you listen to me? Why trust what I am saying when you have pretty much lost a lot of trust altogether?

Well, for one thing (to use a common modern day political phrase), "I feel your pain."

Let me explain as I tell you my story about overcoming lower back pain.

How I Beat
Chronic Lower Back Pain

My lower back pain started in my high school years. I played football since I was in the sixth grade, so I attributed it to that (being too young and uninformed to know any better).

After high school, and the end of my football life, the lower back pain not only persisted... it kept getting worse.

I visited many chiropractors during those years. I always felt better with their care. However, the relief was never lasting and… the back pain just kept getting worse.

During my chiropractic education I thought I would discover the best chiropractic treatment, one that would solve my problem. But… the back pain just kept getting worse.

Throughout my professional career, I had the opportunity and advantage to attend many conferences and seminars on lower back pain. These were taught by some of the smartest and most successful chiropractic doctors in the world. Whenever they needed a volunteer during their presentation I was always eager to jump at the opportunity. I wanted to get their expert analysis, opinions and care recommendations. After employing their advice, you guessed it... the back pain just kept getting worse.

Like many of you, I resigned myself to believe this was the way it was going to be for the rest of my life. So I continued to suffer on a daily basis.  

Then one day while working-out at the local YMCA and after experiencing several days of severe constant back pain, I looked at the mirror (to admire myself of course) and observed something very interesting-my body was all crooked… really crooked.

Later that day, while leaving my clinic and walking across the parking lot, I became very alarmed. My left foot slapped on the ground. I could not walk on my heels. I had foot drop (paralysis). Because I am a doctor, I knew right away... this was serious. If left uncorrected and not cured quickly, it would most likely be permanent.

Fear swept over me. All I could imagine was the end of my life as I knew it. No more hikes in the mountains. No more bowling, tag football, basketball, or other athletic activities. No more normal walking, running or dancing.

This would be my pivotal and life changing moment.

I immediately drove to a fellow chiropractor and friend. After a proper examination, he discovered that I had: loss of reflexes, muscle weaknesses, foot paralysis, severe pelvic tilt, a short leg, foot flare, and pins and needles sensations in my leg and large toe. In short, I had all of the hallmark signs of pinched nerves... most likely due to disc bulge or herniation.

Knowing the seriousness of this, he recommended immediate surgery. “SURGERY!"... I shouted. "No way. Not me." I knew the risks, the poor success rate, the cost, and the possible career ending consequences... not to mention the possibility of death.

So I got serious and we got busy on my treatment plan.

In no time, all of my abnormal signs and symptoms disappeared. The only remaining symptom was some mild, occasional lower back discomfort. For the first time in years I felt normal.

I have never felt better than I do today. I'm stronger and more flexible. My lower back, although not perfect due to years of degeneration from failing to discover the true cause when I was younger, is (for the most part) cured.

My Pain - Your Gain

If I only knew when I was in high school what I know now, I would not have suffered all those years. My spinal discs would not be so badly damaged and degenerated, and my lower back joints would not be as arthritic. I probably would have ended up succumbing to surgery. Where would that have left me today?

But, I probably would not have become a chiropractor either and know what I know today about: lower back pain, how to diagnose it, and properly treat it. And I would not be writing books and helping thousands of other lower back pain sufferers find real lower back pain help.

So life's experiences often have unexplained reasons or consequences. Being a low back pain sufferer seems to have given me an unforeseen purpose to my life.

I have spent over thirty years treating lower back pain patients and being treated as well. I have been searching for a cure for myself and my patients. I have been studying, researching and experimenting with one treatment or another. I know what works and what doesn't. I know there is no one cause, or one simple miracle cure (as promised by many). I know that it usually takes time to develop lower back degeneration and pain, and it will take time to heal it… not "7 days" or even 7 weeks.

It won't get better just by doing a few exercises regularly.

It won't get better with any amount of drugs and...

It won't get better with the latest surgical procedure.

Here Is What I Discovered

Your lower back pain may have its origin in your feet. If you don't have a strong, supportive, and functional foundation, most treatment methods and procedures will be limited or ineffective.

So, on your path to a lower back pain cure, the first thing you need to do is: make sure your foundation is solid, supported and functional.

Your feet are your foundation

Here Is What
You Will Discover

  • How to evaluate your feet for the two most common conditions that contribute to lower back pain.
  • Why your lower back pain may never get better until you fix your feet first.
  • How a not so uncommon foot condition can result in, not just lower back pain, but hip and knee joint pain and degeneration as well.
  • Why simple actions like standing, walking, and running can be so painful and aggravating to your lower back.
  • Why if you don't fix your feet first, everything else you do may be ineffective.

Take the First Step to a
Lower Back Pain Cure.

Proven Strategies That
Get Back Pain Healing Results

Here are just some of the results you can expect when you fix your feet first:

  • Your body will often align itself. Your chiropractic care will be more effective and you will need less frequent care.  
  • You will reduce the damaging stress to your discs and relieve nerve pressure. This alone can often mean the end of your low back pain.
  • Your hips and knees will become properly aligned, or positioned, lessening the chance that you will need joint replacement surgery in the future.
  • You may no longer need those health robbing and life-threatening drugs that only cover up your symptoms and can cause: kidney failure, liver disease, stomach bleeding, and possibly even death.

Just Imagine

  • No more wasted time and money on all of those doctors appointments, massages, and physical therapy sessions. Now you will have more time and more money to enjoy your pain-free active life.

  • No more frustration and depression that so often occur trying to cope with your pain and disability. You will be: happier, have more energy, feel less stress, and possibly even experience an improved sex life.

Read What Others Are Saying About Feet First

"Dr. Myers' Feet First program is a solution based scientific program that will help bring relief to millions of low back pain sufferers. The concepts Dr. Myers has presented in Feet First should be practiced by anyone who has experienced acute or chronic low back pain, sciatica, or any of the maladies that result from an unbalanced foundation-your feet. And best of all you can do it with very little time or effort. For those of you who have not had low back pain this may be the best way to prevent it forever. Stop the insanity of pain pills, heating pads and preventable surgeries. Start walking your way to better health and a better life, Feet First."

Dr. Michael J. De Vito, Program Director, New Start Treatment Center.

Author-Addiction:The Master Keys to Recovery

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What Do You Have To Lose?
Only Your Lower Back Pain

Why suffer another day?

Why continue swallowing dangerous health robbing drugs?

Why spend another hour at the doctor’s office or massage therapist?

Why waste another minute trying to achieve REAL lower back pain help?

You have better things to do.

There is a pain-free life just waiting for you.

Take the First Step to a
Lower Back Pain Cure.

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