Putting Your Feet First
When Treating Back Pain

Feet showing good structure

Always look to your feet first when treating lower back pain.

Would you build or buy a house that doesn't have a level and solid foundation? Of course not.

Would you own and drive a car that is not aligned, its wheels and tires unbalanced or has a poor or no shock system? Pretty foolish if you do.

You know a house built on an unlevel and weak foundation will not last. The floors will sag, the walls will crack, the building will shift, and the windows and doors won't open and close properly. In short time the house will become uninhabitable.

A car that lacks alignment, balance and good suspension will certainly not perform efficiently and will require frequent and costly repairs. Tires will need replaced often. Ball joints will wear out prematurely. It will even have poor fuel efficiency. Just like the house, the car also will wear out much too soon and will need replaced.

In the above examples, you will end up spending a lot of time and money trying to maintain their upkeep... which will just be futile in the long term.

You know neither the house or the car will last as long as they should.

It would be naive to expect anything but bad to happen.

If Your Body Wears Out
Where Will You Live?

Well, guess what?

Your body is the same... only more important. After all, you can always move to or build another house or buy another car. But if your body wears out where are you going to get another?

Sure, you may be able to have a knee or hip replaced; but there will be a major cost and tradeoff.

With joint replacements you won't be able to perform as fully as nature intended. These joints will only last 10-15 years. You will lose strength, balance, stability and function.

Your body needs a solid, balanced and properly functioning foundation. Without it you can only expect an unlevel structure that will tilt here and sag there. It will twist and turn abnormally. Its joints won't work properly and they will degenerate much too soon. You will suffer strains, sprains, aches and pains. Eventually you will wear out much before you should.

Your house needs a solid, level foundation. Your car needs a solid, balanced and aligned set of wheels and tires for its foundation. And...

Your body needs a solid, level, balanced and properly functioning set of feet for its foundation as well.

Very few of us will be able to make it through life without needing attention and care to our feet.

Your Feet Are Your Foundation

The rest of your body depends on a great set of feet to properly function. So...

When it comes to taking care of your body's structure and function... put your feet first.

Balanced walking feet

Make sure your feet are balanced... not only from one to the other but within each foot itself.

Ensure that you have the support needed... not just for one arch but for all three arches of the foot.

Minimize shock... not just by wearing great shoes with a firm but resilient heel and sole, but with special shock absorbing material from a quality shoe orthotic.

Prevent excessive pronation that affects more than 80% of the population...  not just by replacing worn out shoes, but by owning a pair of Stabilizing Orthotics manufactured for your feet only.

Why Put Your Feet First?

By making sure you have the best foundation for your body you will:

  • Prevent joint arthritis of the knees, hips and lower back.
  • Help prevent joint replacement or back surgery.
  • Reduce fatigue due to the added stress on your body always fighting to maintain or compensate for its structural and functional weaknesses or deficits.
  • Improve performance in all of your daily activities, including work and play.
  • Prevent, lessen and improve joint pain associated with abnormal alignment of the body.

When it comes to the health and maintenance of your joints and muscles... put your feet first.

When it comes to proper support, balance, stability and function of your entire body... you need to put your feet first.

Your feet are your foundation. Doesn't it make sense to... always put your feet first?

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