Can You End Back Pain Forever

The Gift Of Pain

A Personal Message From Dr. Myers

Back pain sufferers all want to end back pain forever and pray for a pain-free life. Discovering how to totally stop back pain forever may not be possible but we can learn how to effectively manage it.

Life was not meant to be a pain-free journey. Pain is a...


If we were unable to experience pain we probably would not have survived beyond early childhood.

Lower back pain is a warning signal. Listen to your body. It is constantly telling you something. Pain is our body telling us that something is wrong and needs to be corrected. Do not turn off the alarm before you treat the cause.

Yes, some chronic pain is a curse. If you suffer from disease you can expect pain.

To believe life should be pain free, or you are desperately searching for a totally pain-free life, is foolish and naive.

However, even if your lower back pain can't be eliminated 100% it most likely can be lessened with safe, effective, and natural pain management practices.

I have personally lived with some degree of lower back pain most everyday of my life.

I do not take drugs. I do get chiropractic care, have trigger points treated frequently, use a heel lift for a short leg, pelvic tilt and to help straighten my lumbar spine. I engage in regular exercise and walk a lot.

I also recognize and accept my pain as something that I will always have. I strive to manage it with minimal time, effort and expense. And that works very well for me.

Staying physically active and having a wide variety of interests has allowed me to be too preoccupied with life rather than worrying about or thinking about my pain, pain that is there everyday to some degree.

Yes, there are times when I overdo it or re-injure my low back and it requires more attention and care. I have learned to manage my pain with most of the information found in this website... can too.

I wish you all the best,

Dr. Charles Myers

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