Chronic Back Pain Treatment
12 Simple Action Steps

Chronic back pain treatment starts with taking personal responsibility for your recovery. There are 12 simple action steps that you can begin today.

Chronic back pain treatment requires a comprehensive approach that should encompasses all factors that may be causative, contributory or aggravating.

The standard simple approach of drug therapy, multiple chiropractic adjustments or other same old treatments that have been tried and tried again will not work.

You may have been down this same route. Frustrated from the lack of any permanent or lasting results, you continue to search for the answer to your lower back pain problem.

Lets dispel a couple of myths right off the bat.

2 Common Chronic Back Pain Myths

  1. If you are looking for a passive treatment approach that will solve your problem you will spend a lifetime searching and never find the answer.
  2. If you are looking for a “cure” for your lower back pain and expecting never to have lower back pain again for the rest of your life... don't waste your time, effort and money.

First off, you need to take an active approach to your chronic back pain treatment.

Sure there are drugs that will make you feel better... for a short while or as long as you take the drugs. But are they doing anything to really help your problem other than mask the symptoms? No!

You can't keep going to one doctor after another searching in vain for that simple cure, that miracle chiropractic adjustment or the latest drug off the market. You are smarter than that.

To effectively alleviate your chronic lower back pain it will require you to take action and... it will take time.

You are master of your body and your body has the power to heal. You just need someone to show you how.

Second, almost all chronic lower back pain ailments are the result of degeneration, dysfunction and imbalances. The degeneration is due to the damaging effects of old injuries sustained years earlier... maybe even in childhood. It's from that fall on the ice, the contact sports you played in school, the fall off your bicycle as a child or the car accident in were in twenty years ago.

Damaged soft tissue (ligaments, discs, muscles) will have permanent long-term affects. There will be permanent weaknesses, tissue degeneration, scar tissue and dysfunction as a result.

Permanent damage or ill-effects doesn't mean you should have permanent debilitating pain or constant pain. It will mean that you will most likely continue to suffer with occasional bouts of lower back discomfort, to some degree, for the rest of your life. Your goal is to maximize your function, balance your body, minimize stresses and reactions that can cause disharmony, dysfunction, degeneration and pain.

Don't accept a life with unnecessary pain but be realistic. A lifetime of some discomfort now and then is most likely.

You now know, and probably always did, that you must take personal responsibility for your well-being. Here are the most important action steps to help you on your journey to a better lower back:

12 Action Steps

  1. Exercise daily.
  2. Correct foot problems such as: pronation, fallen arches (flat feet) or Morton's Foot.
  3. Wear proper supportive shoes.
  4. Correct for any short leg that be be present.
  5. Locate, treat and eliminate all trigger points.
  6. Quit smoking if you are a smoker.
  7. Walk 5 days a week for at least one hour each day... briskly.
  8. Consume a healthy diet. Avoid pro-inflammatory foods and include anti-inflammatory foods.
  9. Visit your chiropractor regularly to help maintain joint mobility and balance.
  10. Avoid all unnecessary drugs. Many drugs have side-effects that include muscle and joint pain.
  11. Maintain a normal weight. Normal doesn't mean average. The average American is over-weight. Every extra pound you carry is an extra burden and stress on you muscles and joints.
  12. Be engaged in life. A busy body and mind has little time to dwell on aches and pains of little significance. You can only think of one thing at one time, so... be to busy thinking about everything other than your aches and pains.

There you have it. A dozen simple and effective chronic back pain treatment action steps you can do, starting today, that will help you to chip away at your pain and dysfunction and gradually build you a better lower back and a better life in general.

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