Chronic Back Pain Relief
5 Things To Avoid

Here are 5 things to avoid for chronic back pain relief. These things to avoid or not do may be just as important as 5 things you should do for back pain relief.

Everything you do can have positive or negative consequences. Sometimes, it's the little things that make a big difference. Maybe, it's just avoiding one thing that gets you over your recovery hump and well on your way to a better lower back.

I find if I avoid a few things I have noticed that seem to bother my lower back it enables me to do other things that I was unable to do.

In other words, do five things right and avoid five things that are irritating. Maybe if you avoid five (5) things that have negative affects and you perform five (5) things that are positive the cumulative result is you feel 100% better. Each one by itself may only account for 10% improvement. This 10% may not even be noticed but together with doing 5 positive things... WOW!

It just may be the ticket to a whole new life.

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Try avoiding these five things for chronic back pain relief and see if they together don't make a noticeable improvement:

  1. Avoid sleeping on your stomach. Stomach sleeping will cause facet joints to glide together too much. If you suffer with facet syndrome, facet arthritis or foraminal stenosis this one thing can really make a difference.
  2. Avoid excessive sitting. Your body was meant for motion. Most chronic lower back pain sufferers feel better moving and worse after sitting. This is especially good advice if your job requires you to sit a lot.
  3. Avoid lifting with your back. This is a biggie. Most people bend at the waist to lift. This will strain your back muscles. Learn how to squat and left more with your legs and try keeping the object you are lifting close to your body.
  4. Avoid becoming drug dependent. Relying on pain killers, muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory drugs is a prescription for disaster. These will give you a sense of false comfort or ease your pain while under their influence. This allows you to do things that will cause further harm. Not only that, these drugs can be addicting and all drugs have side effects some which are life threatening. Realize that there was never and will there ever be a drug that will fix your low back problem.
  5. Avoid excessive body weight. The negative affect of being overweight is not felt sudden. It is a slow gradual process corresponding to the slow gradual process that takes place when one accumulates excess body weight. Therefore, we tend to not really notice. I had an aunt that would say to me, " Charlie, you can get used to hanging if you hang long enough". Well, you can get used to being overweight if you are overweight long enough.

    Try to imagine if you were at your ideal weight and then think about how you would feel if you then added all of your current excess weight to your body for just one day. I think that you probably wouldn't make it through the whole day without collapsing or injuring your lower back or knees. Think about what this excess body weight is doing to you day in and day out year in and year. Slowly but surely it is damaging your low back, hips and knees. You can get used to hanging if you hang long enough.

Okay, there you have it. Five things to avoid for chronic back pain relief. Each one can possibly make a huge difference. Or perhaps each one will only make a 10% improvement. However, together they may add 50% or more toward your chronic back pain relief. You are now one half way to a better more pain-free back.

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