Chiropractic Adjustments Not Helping Lower Back Pain

"Chiropractic adjustments not helping my lower back pain and I am wondering why and what should I do?"

You have been visiting your chiropractor for two or three months and your back pain just doesn't seem to be getting any better. Or it feels good for a day or two after your adjustments but the same pain keeps returning.

You are totally frustrated and don't want to keep spending money on care that isn't helping. What could be the problem? What should you do next?

Possibilities For Treatment Failure

If you are seeing a chiropractor, or any doctor for that matter, and not improving it could be because:

  • The treatment is wrong.
  • You are continuing to irritate your condition
  • You have more than one condition and perhaps the one that is causing the pain is not being treated.
  • Your problem is such that treatment and healing just needs more time.

How Long Before Improvement?

When I treat my patients I expect and tell them they should feel improvement within 2-4 weeks. They will most likely need further ongoing care to achieve maximum improvement. But improvement should, none the less, be noticed.

However, after one to two months of care with no improvement, it is probably safe to assume that a change is in order. Talk to your doctor and express your concern.

She wants to know if treatment is not working and has your best interest as her priority.

Always follow your doctors recommendations. He or she is well trained and wants you to get better as quickly and affordable as possible. They have a reputation they need to build and maintain so they are most likely recommending the care and frequency they believe is best for you.

She will probably do one or more of the following:

  • Re-exam and re-evaluate.
  • Order more testing.
  • Change treatment.
  • Refer.

What Should You Do?

If treatment is changed and you are still not improving after another four (4) weeks you may want to seek another opinion.

The cause of the pain needs to be treated not just the pain.

Work on the cause and the symptoms will either diminish, become less significant or disappear.

Be careful if you are taking medicine for pain while you are seeing your chiropractor. The drugs may be covering up your pain and giving you the false impression that you are improving.

You’re are seeking to truly improve your condition not cover-up the symptoms. So don't be satisfied with just feeling better by taking drugs that are simply symptom suppressors, muscle relaxers and pain-killers.

Don't settle for poor excuses or care if chiropractic adjustments are not helping.

You should always expect to notice some improvement after four weeks. Don't be shy. If you feel things aren't improving... speak up.

Your chiropractor needs and wants to know so care can be changed if needed.

Ultimately, your health and well-being are your responsibility. So make sure you are doing your part as well.

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