Your Best Sleeping Position
for Back Pain

Any low back pain sufferer will tell you one of the worst things when experiencing lower back pain is trying to find the best sleeping position that will allow for rest and sleep.

One thing for sure, you probably will never find a totally pain-free position while in the acute stage. There is just too much spasm, inflammation, and of course protective pain that can't or should not be eliminated totally immediately following an injury. These reactive “problems” are protective and for the most part should not be viewed as problems but in fact embraced as the natural healing process.

So while in the acute stage, do those relief measures that will minimize the pain and permit as much comfort as possible. When this is done then getting into the best sleeping position will be more doable.

Safe and Natural Ways
to Enhance Rest 

Try this before trying to rest:

  1. Use ice pack for 20 min.
  2. Take safe, natural remedies for inflammation, spasm, and pain, such as turmeric (curcumin), boswellia, and ginger. 
  3. Try some mild, gentle stretching of the lumbar muscles. This may ease the severity of the spasms. Spasm is a normal reflex reaction to injury. It is your body's way of keeping you from further injuring your already injured lower back. Any movement that puts stress on the injured tissues will be met with protective pain and spasm.

The Reason to Use
This Best Sleeping position

The key is to allow your body to assume a less stressful position, or postural misalignment, in order to permit tissue repair and healing.

By performing non-irritating stretches you are sending signals to your nervous system that this action is non-threatening and it will lower its guarding action (pain and spasm).

Once your lower back has been "desensitized", through the above actions, then your lower back pain may be lessened enough to permit tolerance to any pain that persists.

With chronic low back pain, the pain intensity is usually much less than it is in the acute stage and, therefore, more tolerable with most resting positions.

However, whether acute or chronic, your best sleeping position for lower back pain is one that puts your body in its normal ideal posture. Here is a great product that will help.

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Assume a Natural Posture

Normal posture is when the natural curves of the spine are maintained. In the lower back, this normal lordosis will position your vertebrae properly and help to keep them and their facet joints properly aligned.

Unless some type of lumbar cushion is used, it will be practically impossible to keep the lumbar spine properly aligned without a constant conscious effort.

By using a lumbar support cushion, or lumbar pillow, your spine will be aligned more normally without any conscious effort or awareness.

Now your painful spasms will tend to relax as the muscles no longer need to splint or pull the lumbar spine in an attempt to reduce irritation.

So now, while the spine is at rest, your nervous system is not receiving or sending reactive warning signals telling your muscles they must go into spasm or express pain to prevent irritation to the injured tissue.

With less pain, inflammation, and spasm that you may achieve by following the above recommended resting actions, along with a more proper spinal alignment that a lumbar cushion offers, you are now more able to get that needed rest that encourages healing and repair.


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