Best Shoes For Arch Supports

What are the best shoes for arch supports?

Depending on the style and brand you are looking for sometimes you will have a hard time getting your arch supports to fit properly and allow enough room for your feet.

They will often cause your heel to sit too high in your shoes. Or they will feel like they take up too much room entirely and your feet will feel cramped.

You know well the importance of wearing good shoes but are having a tough time finding the best shoes for arch supports.

What To Look For When Buying
Shoes For Arch Supports

Here are a few things to consider when you are looking to purchase shoes for arch supports in order to get the right fit:

  • Always take your arch supports with you anytime you are shopping for shoes ( you should already be wearing them). When you are trying the shoes on be sure you take out the factory insoles, if possible, and insert your arch supports. Don't just try them on for size. You need to walk around for a few minutes to ensure that they feel comfortable and function properly with your orthotics in them.
  • If you are unable to remove the factory insoles because they have been glued down, estimate the thickness of the insoles and see if they will give you enough heel height after removing them and inserting your arch supports. Don't buy shoes if they will not permit the use of your arch supports as that will serve no benefit and may actually cause more harm to your body.
  • If you are buying laced shoes and unlaced shoes you will actually need two pair of orthotics. One pair that is full length for lace shoes and another that is ¾ length for unlaced and tight fitting shoes such as loafers, western boots or other pull-on boots.
  • Shoes should feel tighter in the mid-foot and heel for proper support and stability. They need to be roomier in the forefoot so to not cramp the toes and metatarsal joints together and cause or aggravate bunions and other foot problems.
  1. You need a wide heel base for heel strike when walking that allows for support and stability. At the same time you need enough room on the front sole to toe off properly and distribute the majority of your weight on the large toe and its metatarsal pad. (If you have Morton's Foot click here for more suggestions and information)
  • A shoe with a continuous solid sole and heel is much better than one that has a separate heel block. This separate heel block elevates the heel from the sole and will permit too much collapse of the arch. This arch collapse will only worsen with use and cause eventual breakdown. If you want, or need, a dress shoe that has the classic traditional heel block, try to purchase shoes that also are reinforced with a steel shank. This steel shank will effectively minimize arch collapse. Don't settle for less or you will defeat the purpose of good shoes and quality arch supports.
  • As soon as you purchase your shoes take them to your shoe repair store and have them put on rubber or synthetic heel plates (cleats). They will place them where the heel strikes the surface and this will help keep your feet more properly aligned during the gait-cycle (walking). This will minimize toeing out or foot flair. If you toe out excessively that will promote pronation and flat feet. This will cause undue stress on your ankles, knees, hips and lower back. As a bonus, the heel taps will prolong the life of your shoes by preventing heel wear. For a few dollars you will reap large benefits in return.
  • Lastly, no shoe will last forever, or will your arch supports. Arch supports will perform best in good shoes. Old shoes that are worn and broken down will prevent your arch supports from doing what they are intended to do.

Your body and particularly your knees, hips and lower back will function best and suffer less when you are wearing the best shoes for arch supports.

To view shoes with custom-made arch supports already built in the shoes click here.

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