What is the Best Recliner
for Back Pain?

Ahh! Plop down in that favorite recliner at the end of the day, flip on the TV, sip a glass of your favorite beverage, push that recliner back, relax, and maybe even take a short nap.

What's the harm of that?

Well, maybe there is no harm; especially if you do not have a low back problem. But, what if you do have a back problem or even one that you are not yet aware of?

That recliner could be a big problem for you.

Support Your Lumbar Curve

Why would something that feels so comfortable be a problem?

It's really all about body posture or position. Let me try to explain.

Your lower back (lumbar spine) should possess a forward curvature (lordosis). This is the ideal posture that you should strive to achieve and maintain for lower back health. When in this lordotic posture, the lumbar spine is ideally positioned to minimize joint and disc stress.

Your spinal bones have particular shapes that help to makeup your back curvature. When the spine possesses normal curves, your joints and discs are properly positioned. Properly positioned joints and discs will have weight, pressure, and stresses evenly distributed. This balanced distribution of joint and disc pressure, as well as proper alignment of the spine, will help keep your spine healthy and functioning properly.

Normal Spinal Curves

Normal Spinal Curves

When your spine deviates from this ideal posture the joints on either side of your spine are no longer in their proper alignment, thus creating strain that predisposes them to micro trauma. If these joints are already arthritic (facet joint arthritis) then any type of abnormal alignment will only further aggravate the problem and cause more inflammation, swelling, and pain.

If the discs are degenerating then the facet joints are already misaligned and undergoing degeneration changes. Any loss of the normal lumbar curve will just predispose your spinal joints and discs to further weakening, stress, disc swelling or bulging, and nerve pressure.

Muscles that are already in spasm will be forced to undergo even more spasm in an attempt to reduce joint and disc stresses and restore proper alignment.

If the muscles contain trigger points, which most likely they will, they will be stiff, short, weak, and painful. With the abnormal alignment that any recliner puts your back in, there will be additional strain on the lower back discs, joints, and muscles. This added stress and strain will just further activate the trigger points. The result will be more muscle spasm, stiffness, weakness, and pain.

What is the solution? What is the best recliner for back pain?

The Solutions 

Solution One-Simple Lumbar Cushion

Well, you may not have to give up your favorite recliner.

If you already have a recliner that you love and don't want to shell out some money on a really great recliner, there is a simple solution.  But, you will need to do the following to turn your recliner into the best recliner for back pain.

The best remedy is to position the low back into its proper lordotic curve and this will help to position the joints and discs in a more normal alignment, as well. This will reduce facet joint inflammation, disc sprain, muscle strain, and, of course, pain.

Simply place a small pillow, or better yet a lumbar seat cushion, under your lower back. This will help place the lumbar spine in its more desired position. Now you have turned your favorite recliner into not only one that affords proper support and alignment but one that is even more comfortable.  

Lumbar Seat Cushion

Okay, that was a cheap and easy way to turn your existing recliner into a better lumbar supporting recliner. It probably isn't the ideal solution but it is much better than what you have now.

Let's look at even a better solution.

Solution Two-A New Recliner

Why not consider a good quality recliner that is designed to put you and your spine in a neutral, zero gravity position.

No worry about positioning your lumbar cushion, or even finding it in the first place. It is available with optional adjustable lumbar support system. There are many models to choose from. For more information you can just click on the image below.

Solution Three- Massaging Recliner

Why keep forking out your hard earned cash for a monthly massage when you can have a massage in the comfort of your home while reading or watching TV everyday...for years. A typical massage can run from $50 to $100 dollars. In no time your massage recliner will pay for itself.

So there you have it: Three solutions to making your present recliner or finding a new recliner that fits your budget.

Ahh! Don't you just love recliners?

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