Best Bed For Back Pain

Trying to pick the best bed for back pain can cause you to spend countless hours and leave you feeling confused and frustrated.

Mattresses or sleep beds have evolved with mankind.

From sleeping on the ground to straw mattresses to hammocks to feather beds to spring coils to waterbeds to special visco-elastic “memory” foam type materials and now to be able to select the firmness you personally like, the quest for the perfect mattress and sleep support continues.

From the beginning of mankind the search for a comfortable and supporting bed has been ongoing.

What Is The Best Bed For Back Pain?

The best bed for back pain is one that will help to maintain a normal neutral spine position. The problems arise from individual shapes, height and weight. A bed that is suitable for a 5'10", 175 pound man may not be desirable for a woman that is taller, shorter, lighter, or heavier.

Inner-spring coil mattresses allow for the heavier body parts to "sink" into the mattress and the lighter or inward curving body parts to receive upward support.

Waterbeds and air mattresses have the same benefit but they allow the heaviest body part to sink the furthest without distributing the proper needed support elsewhere.

The newer visco-elastic or "memory foam" mattresses help to lessen excessive pressure spots and still permit compression and support where needed on an individual basis. A big problem with these beds are that they create an indentation and "mold" you into the bed. This will sort of fix you in that position and not allow unrestriced motion.

There is no "one size fits all backs" mattress. The newer beds with spring coils or "memory foam" all have very beneficial properties. But, they are still not 100% effective in achieving a normal neutral posture.

Many of these mattresses are now incorporating a combination of materials. These offer very good sleep support, are very expensive and still not perfect.

Will A Bed Cure Your Back Pain?

If you are thinking that purchasing a new expensive "state-of-the-art" mattress is going to solve your low back pain will be sadly disappointed.

It is important to have the best mattress possible, whether a straw mattress or a state of the art bed, that will afford a more restful sleep and give you as much support as needed. Every little bit of action you take to reduce lower back pain is helpful and will make a difference.

But, do not believe that it will be the remedy needed to cure all of your lower back pain.

The best bed for back pain will be one that ensures a restful sleep. A bed or mattress will not be the total solution to curing your lower back pain; but, it will be something that can assist you in your overall approach to back care.

A Few Helpful Suggestions

Here are a few suggestions and recommendations:

  1. Invest in a quality custom manufactured bed that is backed-up by service and a superior warranty.
  2. Mattresses do not last more than 10 years. If yours is older than 10's time for a new one. It has lost much of its supportive quality; plus, it most likely is full of unhealthy dust mites and their by-products.
  3. Purchase a quality mattress and pillow encasement product or covering. If your mattress is a few years old it is host to billions of harmful matter such as dust mites and dust mite waste. This is unhealthy and can cause or worsen asthma and sinus conditions. If you are purchasing a new mattress these encasements are affordable and a healthy investment that will preserve your mattress and protect your respiratory system.
  4. Sleep on your back if possible.
  5. Use a cervical sleep support or a cervical pillow (unless you have a cervical spine condition that would be aggravated from its use), a low back pillow, and a pillow under your knees.
  6. Sleep six to eight hours. Too much sleep will cause muscle and joint stiffness, aches, and pains...even if you have the best bed for back pain that was ever manufactured. Too little sleep will not allow enough time for adequate rest and recuperation.
  7. If using an electric blanket use a setting at the low levels. Heat will increase inflammation and nerve sensitivity which will cause aches and pains especially if inflammation is already present.

Are You Sleeping Too Much

Whether sitting or sleeping, these actions should be discouraged beyond the necessary time to ensure adequate rest and recuperation. Excessive sitting or sleeping will weaken your body and result in a lower life expectancy.

Motion is what rules.

Lack of motion promotes weakness, degeneration, and disease. Motion strengthens, promotes needed circulation and tissue oxygenation, maintains healthy cartilage, keeps joints and muscles pliable and healthy, plus it invigorates the mind and wards off depression.

Regular sleeping over eight hours per day is a sign of depression and body decay.

Use sleep time for what nature intended it to and recuperation, not a past time.

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