Custom Made Arch Support Sandals

You have chronic lower back pain, and perhaps foot, knee or hip pain as well, and your doctor told you it could be associated with your flat and pronated feet. She suggested you wear arch supports to help alleviate the lower back pain and joint stress.

Arch Support Sandals

Men and Women's Arch Support Sandals

It's sandal, flip flop or open shoe weather and you just don't want to wear closed shoes or athletic shoes all of the time in order to accommodate arch supports.

You hate wearing shoes and just love wearing sandals, and you can't find arch support sandals anywhere.

If you look hard enough you may be able to find a pair of sandals that have a slight support where your arch should be. But they fall far short of providing the support you need.

Also, your feet are as different as your fingerprints and no factory built shoe will have an arch support that is made just for you.

By using generic out-of-the-box sandals you may actually be causing more harm than good.

Another problem is that if you buy arch supports that are custom made just for you they really won't stay put in sandals or fit properly.

Sandals Made Just For You

Look no further. There are arch support sandals that you can purchase that are made just for you.

We can supply you with a simple casting kit to take an impression of your feet. From that impression measurements will be taken to craft arch supports that are made uniquely for you. Then they are installed in the sandals that you pick and... Voila! You now have your own personal quality arch support sandals.

No slipping. No taping them down. No worry about taking them in and out of your other shoes. No ugly style.

Best of all, they are made just for you and your feet only. And...

They are affordable.

You no longer need to try to find that impossible sandal that will take your arch supports.

What more could you ask for?

Style, comfort, affordable, guaranteed and custom-made just for you.

Not only that, you can buy a removable pair of arch supports that you can use in all of your shoes. They also come with the same guarantee.

Now you can always have the support you need everyday... all day long.

The last thing you want to do is fail to give your body the foundation it needs throughout the day. This will only keep you in chronic structural stress and the pain that comes with it.

A structure is only as good as its foundation.

When it comes to lower back pain, and knee and hip joint arthritis you need to put your feet first.

Arches Of Foot

Order your personal, custom-made orthotic sandals, shoes and arch supports today.

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Woman's arch support sandal
Mens Naot Arch Support Sandals

Arch Support Sandals

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