Middle Lower Back Pain

By far, the most common reason for middle lower back pain, at the belt-line, is facet joint arthritis.

The right and left facets of each vertebra articulates with the right and left facets of the vertebrae above and below it.

When the disc between the adjacent vertebrae undergo degeneration it causes a collapsing, or approximation, of the vertebrae upon the one below. This will then cause the facet joints to collapse together or glide beyond their normal position. When this happens there is undue stress applied to the connecting ligaments, or joint capsules, that hold the facets together and keep them from dislocating.

Overtime, arthritic changes take place and there is bony spurring of the facet joint surfaces.

With this degeneration, and abnormal positioning of one vertebrae with the next, normal back motion becomes impaired. Normal bending, twisting and turning can be irritating and painful.

The facet joints are very heavily endowed with pain nerve fibers. It is for this reason that any facet joint problem can produce varying degrees of center located lower back pain.

Helpful Suggestions

With facet joint arthritis lumbar extension, or backward bending, is the most painful motion. Centrally located lower back pain when bending backwards or in extension is a hallmark sign of facet syndrome and facet joint arthritis. This pain is often described as a sharp, jabbing type of pain.

Whereas, the pain from trigger points, muscle strain or disc degeneration is more aching and dull in nature.

You must avoid low back extension to reduce or eliminate central lower back pain cause by facet joint arthritis. Other actions to take includes:

  • avoid wearing high-heeled shoes
  • avoid lying on your stomach
  • reduce or eliminate excess abdominal weight
  • strengthen your core muscles
  • consider negative heel shoes or earth shoes

Middle lower back pain can be a very sharp, jabbing pain but with the proper treatment approaches it is often easily reduce or eliminated.

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