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IT'S YOUR BACK newsletter, Issue #004 -Tylenol for Lower Back Pain
August 18, 2014

Tylenol Proven Ineffective

By now you have probably read or at least heard about the study showing that Tylenol is not effective for low back pain relief.

For years it has been the number one first choice drug recommendation for low back pain sufferers. I'll bet you despite this finding you will still find many medical doctors that will recommend its use for low back pain.

Don't fall prey to drug peddlers and the false promise of getting real beneficial results from the use of any medication for lower back pain.

The dangerous side effects, at times even lethal, are just not worth the hope that you may achieve any significant help with their use.

So what is your best option for lower back pain help?

Chiropractic care has withstood the test of time and numerous studies have proven it to be the most effective form of treatment for low back pain. It is safe, cost-effective, and of course 100% natural.

But make sure you don't forget to address and correct, as much as possible, any and all underlying contributing factors to ensure maximum long-lasting benefit from chiropractic care.

Is Your Child Ready for School?

School is about to get underway. You and your child (children) have been busy buying school clothes, supplies, shoes, etc. for the big first day.

Don't forget to add one more thing to your list. What's that? Your child's spinal health.

They will be lugging heavy book-packs, marching and carrying musical instruments, engaging in intramural and/or extramural sports, sitting for long hours everyday, and participating in gym classes.

If their spine is not balanced and healthy they will most surely end up suffering with lower back pain sooner or later. This can make for a very painful school year and of course interfere with sports performance, sleep, and grades.

Get them off to a good start and help them to have a happy, healthy and safe school year.

Yours for better health,

Dr. Myers

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