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IT'S YOUR BACK newsletter, Issue #006 -Short Leg Correction Steps
October 16, 2014

You Have a Short Leg. Now What?

So you have a short leg ( At least that's what your chiropractor told you or perhaps you noticed it on your own. What should you do about it?

Well that depends on a lot of factors. Some of which are: -your age, -your lower back diagnosis (, -your feet conditions (, -your pelvic and spinal alignment (

The first inclination would be to go get a heel lift but that may cause more harm and pain. If you do nothing your pain and lower back may get worse over time. Consider following these recommendations:

1. First find a chiropractor that addresses the short leg problem from a total body perspective. Some chiropractors think they can correct all short leg problems with simple chiropractic adjustments. That just isn't the case.

2. Some legs will "appear" short due to a flat foot or excessive pronation ( on one side compared to the other. A great chiropractor will analyze your feet and determine if you do have these problems and will prescribe custom-fitted orthotics. If you need them...wear them 100% of the time that you are on your feet.

3. If you do not have pronation or a flat foot then most likely you have a true short leg and will need a heel lift to help balance your pelvis and spine. Again, if your doctor prescribes a heel lift wear it 100% of the time. Your chiropractor will probably start you out with a small lift and gradually increase the height over time until the best height is achieved. You may need both orthotics and a heel lift.

4. Finally, if your chiropractor doesn't evaluate and correct pronation, flat feet, short leg and prescribe orthotics and heel lifts to compliment their care I would definitely find a chiropractor that does. You should always expect the best care possible from any doctor and when that is not given find a doctor that will deliver it to you.

Yours for better health,

Dr. Myers

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