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IT'S YOUR BACK newsletter, Issue #001 -- Basic Considerations
May 13, 2014

Springtime-A New Beginning

Spring has sprung and maybe with all the work that comes with it (housecleaning, car washing, gardening, and outdoor repairs from winter storms) your back pain and problem has sprung too.

We associate spring with renewal, growth and development, and birth. Why not make it also a time to renew, develop, and build a better body in general and lower back specifically? Why not commit now to finally do what nature requires and permits you to do to have the best back possible?

But like all things you must begin with the basic fundamental steps.

You can’t just throw seeds into your garden and expect a banner crop. You cannot just join a gym and expect the fact that you have a membership that you will miraculously become fit. You cannot just buy a new mattress, do some stretching now and then, take a pill, or get a massage and expect a less painful, stronger, healthier and functional back…really.

So start anew and take the first step to a better back. Mind you…I said FIRST step…not the only step.

Start with your feet first.

Invest in a good walking shoe. Analyze your feet. Purchase orthotics if needed.

Start moving. Motion is life. Start a walking program today and commit to it…forever.

Do You Need Antibiotics?

A study out of Denmark was recently reported that showed that some chronic low back pain sufferers found relief and even a cure for their back pain.

It is important to understand that this treatment is for those that meet a certain criteria and not for everyone with low back pain. Your doctor may not even be aware of this research so make sure you ask your doctor about this treatment and whether or not you fit the criteria to give it a try.

Until next month enjoy your springtime awakening and renewal after such a long cold winter.

For a better back,

Dr. Myers

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