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IT'S YOUR BACK newsletter, Issue #002 -Recliners, Tips When Starting a Fitness Program, Theracane
June 12, 2014

Are Recliners Really Bad for You?

Well they can be if they fail to give you the needed support and alignment to your spine in general and specifically to your lower back.

Learn more about recliners to help manage your low back and help afford proper support needed for a healthy lumbar spine by clicking on this link:

Tips When Starting a Fitness Program

It's summertime! Finally, after a long cold winter, summer season is underway.

It's time to get out of golf clubs, tennis racket, softball bats, bicycles, and swimsuit.

But be careful. After being less active don't go all out your first times on the course or court. Follow these simple guidelines when starting a new activity or fitness program or when returning to activities after a delay:

Theracane-Your Best Self-Treatment Tool

Trigger points in your lower back muscles are giving you fits and you just can't find a doctor or therapist who knows how to perform trigger point therapy or one that is willing to take the necessary time to treat it effectively.

Well, maybe you should treat your trigger points. There is a very effective and affordable tool called the Theracane that will allow you to treat your own trigger points and at the same time get better results without the cost of expensive doctors or therapists fees.

Just click on the link below to learn more about trigger points and particularly those that afflict the lower back and can cause so much unnecessary lower back pain and suffering.

Well that's it for now. Here is hoping you have a great and a very safe summer.

For a better back and a healthier you,

Dr. Myers

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