5 Tips For Lower Back Pain Relief

If someone gave you 5 tips for lower back pain relief that you could do but each one only afforded you minimal relief would you do them?

Well, hopefully you said yes. If you said no then perhaps your lower back pain is not bad enough to push you to action.

If you are tired of being in pain try these 5 tips for lower back pain relief to help you achieve a better lower back.

  1. Develop core fitness. Even if you have degenerated discs or facet arthritis and your back problem doesn't seem to be muscular in its origin, having a fit core can help you prevent further damage to your discs and joints. If you are like most lower back pain sufferers you probably have become deconditioned. Deconditioned is the scientific name for being out of shape. Your daily activities may be cumbersome due to weakness, lack of endurance and/or poor flexibility. Commit to a regular core fitness program at the very minimum and watch and feel low back pain for over time.
  2. Identify, treat and eliminate trigger points. This is probably the most important thing you can do if you are a chronic low back pain sufferer. Trigger points by far are the biggest cause of chronic lower back pain. Limiting trigger points can often by itself eliminate your chronic pain.
  3. Use a back cushion in your car to support your lumbar spine in its neutral position. Most car seats are grossly inadequate for proper lower back support. You may also want one for your favorite chair when you are watching TV. And don't forget if you fly a lot to place a small pillow behind your lower back. Airplane seats are notorious for aggravating or contributing to lower back pain.
  4. Have your posture analyzed for pelvic tilt that may be due to a short leg. A simple $10 heel lift may be all that you need to level a pelvic tilt, align your spine and reduce chronic muscle and joint stress.
  5. Get fitted for and use custom made shoe arch suports in all of your shoes. If you have pes planus (flat feet) or over-pronation these will stress your lower back, hips and knees and adversely affect your posture. Poor posture (structure) equates to poor function and the end result is your body breaking down and pain.

Bonus Tip: Always sleep on a bed that is scientically designed to afford you the best possible sleeping posture support. You spend 1/3 of your life in bed so don't you think your back and body deserve the best attention during that time of the day.

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There you have it... 5 tips for lower back pain relief.

These are simple, affordable, effective and very achievable action steps to put you on track to a better and more pain-free lower back.

Five things that can make a small or large improvement...

 ...the results can be dramatic.

Now add to this list five things you should avoid for a better lower back and you have the formula for a new life. If each one action step or avoidance only creates a 10% improvement then all 10 together can have the potential to help you feel 100% better.

Why not just... do it.

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